About Us

We opened in Calgary, Alberta, Canada in 1985 and maintained a very successful
business for the last 31 years. As of October 10th 2017 we will be closed permanently.

Clients that still require Hoxsiac or Essex Botanical  and Mojave Nectar (Yucca extract liquid)
can obtain a very similar product within Canada in Canadian dollars from Amazon.ca  or
internationally in American dollars from Amazon.com

The pre-selected Hoxsiac / Essex Botanical is a make it your self product

The Yucca extract liquid is much more concentrated and does not have the flavorings
or honey sweetener of the Mojave Nectar.
We did not pre-select a specific product, but the "Herb Pharm" product appears to be
a good choice

The table below shows the links for Canadian and USA search results, plus the pre-selected

Amazon.ca  (Canada) Amazon.com (International)
Hoxsiac / Essiac
Essiac Tea Essiac Tea
Hoxsiac / Essiac
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Liquid Yucca Extract
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